Fish can fly more than 3 meters

Fish can fly more than 3 meters

Barbados. Nop, That is not the fish name, But this fish has a big relationship with Barbados. Flying more than 3 meters is just a simple task while there are predators chasing them. Life is a matter even it’s a human or an animal. Every living thing is to love their life and trying to protect as far as they can. Being a flying fish or flying cod was the best way of protecting their life against predators from the sea like Marlin, mackerel, and tuna.

These flying fish are living as a group and can be up to 18inch in size. But their average size is 7-12 inches. Flying fish is the national simple of Barbados and also Barbados is known as “The load of the flying fish” and fish can fly more than 3 meters. 

The ability of flying is an amazing thing for a fish and this is the life-saving technics for flying fish. Even though it can’t fly as same as a bird, This fish can use its long wings to manure very far through the air, understanding the wind direction.

Ok, we already started about flying fish. While I was a marine engineer I used to take deck rounds to check my fire hydrants. It was one of my jobs to take care of all the fire hydrants. Greasing them and maintaining. Ok, this is not about me hehe😁😁 But when I am on deck I used to enjoy the sceneries as all seams used to. This is the best relaxation you can have for your body and mind. While am looking at the bulbous bow cutting the seawater I sometimes can see lots of flying fish are flying with the waves made by the ship. Are they challenging each other? I had no clue. But I have noticed that some of them fly more than 10 meters. That is the real fish that live in deep water can fly more than 3 meters and they can surely fly more than 10meters easily with the help of wind.

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