The most innovative replacement of all the known materials

The most innovative replacement of all the known materials

Leo Hendrik Arthur Baekeland normally known as Leo Baekeland was a Belgian chemist. Who born in Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium on November 14, 1863, and died on February 23, 1944, in Beacon, New York, which makes him a Belgian American scientist. He is the son of Karel Baekeland and Rosalia Murchie. Leo married Celine Swarts (1889-1944) and studied at Ghent University.

“Plastic” deadliest yet most Innovative creation of all time. Who invented it, that’s a question that no one cares about, but doesn’t it worth finding. 

Leo Baekeland best known for the creator of Plastic won many awards. Some of them are Perkin Medal, Franklin Medal, John Scott Legacy Medal, and Premium. The key breakthrough of real synthetic, plastic came in 1907. Since Leo’s incredible invention a huge range of new plastics came with various properties. No need to say that if you just look yourself around and you cannot find a direction without plastic in your sight. We don’t know what will happen in the next hundred years but you may see that this past 100 years what have done to this world, when it comes to plastic, Sky is the limit. Let’s continue with The most innovative replacement of all the known materials.

Let us see “why plastic( most innovative replacement of all the known materials)”. From the time of the human race, everyone wants to develop materials with properties that they cannot find in any other natural or raw material. It all began with the natural materials that had a slight amount of plastic properties such as shellac and chewing gum. After that people try to alter the natural materials such as rubber, gallate, nitrocellulose, and collagen by adding some chemical modifications. This whole scenario was dependent on natural materials or rather organic materials. That’s why Leo Baekeland becomes special because he is the one who created the first fully synthetic plastic. Leo’s initial intention was to invent something to replace shellac, which was a very expensive product derived from lac beetles. What Leo Baekeland did was combined a waste product of coal phenol with formaldehyde and heat this mixture. Rather than a substitute to shellac relative material, he created a unique polymer that did not melt under certain heat and stress and it was the first-ever material that hasn’t used to mimic a natural ingredient nor a material like tortoiseshell or ivory.

Yes, we give credit to Leo Baekeland for his invention whether intentional or accidental but the product itself is much more dangerous than a nuclear bomb. Plastic dragging our planet slowly for certain death. The main problem with plastic is that it overlive everything. Literary it overlives almost everything. It will not decompose for a long long time. Depend on the structure plastic will take around 500 years to decompose, some types will take up to 1000 years. By this 1000 years, it will block our seabed, kill millions of sea creatures, stuck in millions of birds’ throats, half decomposed plastic will fire back to humans by entering our food chain. Some of the plastic’s chemical compounds have the ability to alter hormones and cause all kinds of health effects. Debris of plastic laced with all kinds of chemicals and ingested by marine animals, this causes not only to marine life will be in danger all the food chain above this line will be in danger. Plastics which buried deep in the land with time can emit all kind of dangerous chemicals that can mix and spared into the groundwater and can cause cancer. The most innovative replacement of all the known materials is most dangerous killer the future has to face.

Plastic is a miracle creation that replaced glassed bottles, wooden chairs, metal spoons, and whatnot. Now, this is the time to make the next greatest invention of the generation, and it is a way to decompose plastic. And that will solve all the mess created by plastic. So plastic is The most innovative replacement of all the known materials.

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