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Everyone in cyberspace needs to download torrents more than once in their life. A major problem with Torrents is they can be pretty slow sometimes. And 3rd party apps can slow your download to pay them extra money. Recently I have found the greatest method to download torrents lightning fast, you can download torrents at the maximum download speed allowed by your network provider. Basically what happens is your torrent will be downloaded to a server at supper speed and then you can download the contents of the torrent directly like you download some file from the internet. And that’s not the end, let’s say you are downloading a movie using , then your file will be downloaded to their cloud, and then before you download it you can watch it in the cloud, think how much of your internet data and the time will be get saved by doing this. If it is a song, you can directly watch it from the cloud, just like that.
Initially, will give you free space of 2GB, but if you use one of your friend’s invite links you can have an extra 500MB to your account. If you are smart enough you can increase your free download limit to 7GB or more by sharing the news with the world. If you are a big player you can go for the premium version of the prices are really affordable and reasonable. Just about 9 USD you can get 100GB of download space. Believe me, you will be amazed by the service. Some torrents have seeders only middle of the night, without wasting your time and internet data will continuously try to download dead torrents also, and if the seeders came alive even for a few hours this amazing website will download the torrent to ther cloud, and it will be ready to download whenever you are ready.
In conclusion, there is no better alternative to your traditional torrent downloading clients ever they are, will be always on top of any torrent downloading method. Try and tell ur your thoughts. It’s totally free to try.



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