Step by step beginners guide to SEO articles in google

Google SEO-friendly articles writing for is not a difficult thing to do. But you need a proper step-by-step guide for that. Most of the beginners struggle with writing good SEO articles for google, bing, Duckduckgo, or any other search engine. Here in this article, we have written with examples of SEO articles. First of all, I have to tell you a thing about these search engines as I think this could be very helpful for you to SEO your article in them. These engines are working in different logics. To find out them you have to look for a few keywords in these. 

The main deferent between Google and other search engines are, Google always ranks keyword-rich and properly guided articles, But other search engines rank the keyword ring domain. This will help you to get a basic idea if you are looking for a keyword-rich domain for your new website. Then it would be automatically ranked in other search engines than Google. 

  • How to find best keywords for your website
  • How to find your competitors 

How to find the best keywords for your website article and beat your competitors 

When we start doing a website we must go for a keyword-rich niche. Why? Keyword-rich niches give you more links between your articles. When you increase the links between related keywords and the same niche keywords helps to rank the website faster than a normal unorganized website. It is normal for everybody chose related keywords to their niches, But If you are a beginner it is quite risky to start multiple niches websites like To find the best keyword your website article is the most important thing. Maybe you are still thinking about why this keyword is very important. I will tell you why. If you find the wrong keyword you will never ever be able to reach 1st page in Google or any other search engine means you probably lost your valuable time in your life that you can never bring back. It will give you a good experience but when we have resources like this why should we spend time in experiments. I think you understand what I start talking about now. So let’s find out a step-by-step beginner’s guide on how to find the best keyword for your website article.

  • Google a word related to your website 
  • Check first 5 websites SERP , DR (Domain rating ) This is important if you are building a new website.
seo articles for beginners
seo articles for beginners

These 2 steps are the most important if you are a new website owner. Google a related word to your website as an example if your website is about flooring, Flooring is the main keyword for your website. So don’t forget to add this keyword even it is a very high competitive keyword. Because when your website builds up slowly google identifies the niche of your domain and boosts your website to google’s 1st page. If we check the DR of the last website on google 1st page related to Flooring keyword 

If we check the DR of the last website in google 1st page related to the Flooring keyword result is here. Probably your DR should be 0 as it is a new website or a bad link built old website. You can check the DR free through this link I suggest here. . Domain rating for the last website on google 1st page is 72, If you check that picture properly DR is directly related to Links you have on your website. I know what you think now, but don’t go for bad methods to increase your DR, Google is much smarter than you. People like you made google smarter. If you create a proper website, with time you will get the best backlinks to your website and your DR will automatically increase.

When you write an article you should not directly use the “Flooring “ Keyword as the main keyword of your article. Then what should I write about? When you google flooring, Google suggests more long-tail keywords which have low keyword difficulty, Which gives you a better chance to rank your page on google’s 1st page even your website is new. Most keyword difficulty suggestion tools are paid, But if you can get a limited idea following .

seo articles for beginners

As you saw Flooring is supper hard Keyword to rank in google means your competitors are very strong, Let check something best for the article.

seo articles for beginners

When I look for main keywords I found this suggestion on google. I slowly check one by one and I found the “ vinyl flooring trends 2022 ” key phrase. I chose this because it has suggestions by google and these are the most searched phrases. The next thing is most people are lazy to type and they click on suggestions. This image shows the google result.

seo articles for beginners

I found one domain that has racked in google’s 1st page for this keyword and I show you the DR of that website here. This is why I chose this key phrase to write my article. If this domain can be on the 1st page for this phrase, why can’t we? Defiantly we can. So is how we find the best keywords for your website article.

seo articles for beginners

Now is the best time to start arranging your article, This is the best site you to follow. Why am I saying that? Winners are only on the Google 1st page. It’s very default to beat DR, but still, you can beat your competitors. 1st of all we must identify our competitors. If your DR is 0, any website within 0-25 is a competitor for you. Don’t challenge others’ DR more than 25, as you have very little chance to beat a pro in any game. If I mention a range to compete with it could be( 0-25, 25 -60, 60 – 100 ), But this also depends on how talented you are. I’ll give you a great example of that. 

Think about Djokovic vs WR 20 player tennis match in very big ground support to WR 20 players. 

Ground and fan support is like Linking to your website which increases your DR, But Djokovic is still no 1 in tactics, endurance, and most of the aspects. Now both of the players have the same chance. But if Djokovic plays his normal game ignoring Fans ground support, He has the best chance to win as he is in the top 3. What I wanted to bring you here is even though your DR is low, If you learn and play the game on google ground properly, You have a better chance to win in this game. 

Now let’s find out how to write the best article for your website.

  • Collect all the related keywords to your article.
  • Check  type, format and angle of content.
  • Look for content gap for more keywords.
  • Brake the keyword rich paragraph, and assign headings
  • Arrange your images and external links 

Collect all the related key phrases to your article

Even though we are writing about the “ vinyl flooring trends 2022 ” key phrase, We need to add more key phrases which contact our main topic. Those are should be the subheading and will give us more chances to win this game. If you check this image you can see people also look for more things about “vinyl flooring trends 2022” How do I get this list? It is very simple what you have to do is type your main key-harass “vinyl flooring trends 2022” on google. Google will automatically suggest related keyphrases related to the topic.

seo articles for beginners

 If you carefully check the image above you will find the best subheadings for your content. Here you can see the main keyword is vinyl flooring, So you can collect the best what you can write and contain vinyl flooring keyword.

Check  type, format and angle of content.

Check what type, format, and angle of content are you writing is the next topic we have to follow very carefully. What do we mean by type of article ? It means that the content is a blog or product or service. If we explain a product or a service totally deferent compare to a blog.

Content format is how you express your content type to your audience. We can categorize some of them as follows.

  • “How-to” guides
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • List posts
  • Opinion pieces
  • Reviews
  • Comparisons

If you check the image with our keyword we should write a List post-type article. 1st few websites have listed the best flooring ideas for 2022 in a list view with numbers. So if you have done it in the same way you have the best chance of getting there.

seo articles for beginners

Look for content gap for more keywords.

What is a content gap why should we look for that?. The content gap is what are the important key phrases and keywords your competitors haven’t cover-up. You have done a bit of research and collected these phrases from google suggestions. Providing more important pieces of information about unwritten suggested keywords gives extra points to your website to be on the 1st page.

Brake the keyword rich paragraph, and assign headings

Braking paragraph according to key phrases and how the keywords and key phrases should be in the paragraph shown in the image posted here.

Arrange your images ,external and internal links 

Finding the best images and external and internal links are the next important thing you have to think about. Images should give the best idea about your topic and other key phrases. When we save and image should have the following properties.

  • Image should be copyright free
  • Image should have the focus key phrase or keyword name and also alt text.
  • Image should be attractive for the readers .

If your image follows these steps you can add that image or images to your content. When there are more and more images under these properties, You have more chance to get more traffic into your website.

External and internal links.

External and internal links are the best way to help the crawler to collect your keywords or key phrases to search engines. When you have more links on your website, You have more chance of submitting your best keywords. To build External links you can find a few keywords and link them to the same niche websites. To build internal links you have to have a few articles on your website and link them with the good keyword you want to rank with. 

Other than that you can make a YouTube video about the content and connect it to the article. More and more thing related to your content helps you more. 

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