Top 6 Metaverse Games to Play in 2022

Metaverse Games

Metaverse gaming is the latest trend of gaming now where you can play and earn. The game developers now encourage themselves to incorporate metaverse attributes for their game development techniques to bring a novel experience to the gaming community. Metaverse games now become a gold rush across the internet platforms gaining a lot of popularity all over the world.

Best Metaverse Games to Play and Earn

Ethals Metaverse

Ethel metaverse games

Ethals tops our list as it is one of the most popular free metaverse games that users can play and earn. The developers hope to extend the user base up to one billion by next year offering an amazing gaming experience for the community. The most important thing is you don’t have to pay or invest money to play Ethals. On the other hand, if you have the experience of playing wordle or candy crush, you can earn money by playing those games on Ethals platform.

The Sandbox Game

The sandbox metaverse games

Being one of the most popular games in the metaverse, Sandbox offers the gamers to earn money while they are playing. Sandbox metaverse game has the greatest number of users in 2022. Gamers can create their own land in their sandbox and even develop their own NFTs. The platform allows you to develop, own and manage your own piece of virtual land in the Sandbox game. It is fun to create 3D models such as houses, cars, animals, aeroplanes and many other things in the sandbox game and sell them in the marketplace offered by the platform to earn money. The main currency of Sandbox is SAND.

Decentraland Metaverse Games

Decentraland  metaverse games

The currency used in this game is called MANA. Users can create Avatars and wearables while acquiring pieces of land to become landowners. Moreover, you can have your own cars, vehicle parks, theme parks and marketplaces in your virtual piece of land. It is easy to earn money by organizing virtual concerts, and selling tickets in your theme parks and movies.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

This metaverse game was developed by a Vietnamese company in 2018 based on the popular game Pokeman. As gamers, you can create, breed, and raise creatures and sell them in the games’ marketplace. It is a fun game as users can customize the body parts of the creatures. If you can design unique creatures, there is a possibility of selling them as NFTs for a higher value. These creatures you create are called Axies and you can buy lands and homes to breed them. Some might treat the Axies as pets and some breed them for farming to earn money.


Illuvium  metaverse games

Illuvium has become one of the most popular metaverse games owing to its vibrant environment and amazing set-up. It is a blockchain-based game that users can hunt for creatures called illuvials. They live in a virtual piece of land that is full of monsters. Illuvials help you to fight these monsters and earn money. If you can hunt some unique and rare illuvials you can obviously sell them as NFTs making you rich.

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Farmers World

Farmers World  metaverse games

This is a game that is yet to catch the attention of the metaverse gaming community. It has some features of the popular farming game Farm Ville. This game released in 2021 and users can create their own farm in the provided virtual space. Users can buy lands for mining, farming, catching fish and breeding livestock. Thereafter, you can sell everything in your virtual property. If you can create a unique virtual property, there is a high probability of selling it for a good amount of money.


All the metaverse games that we listed above are now becoming popular among the gaming communities. Lucratively, you can play these games for free and earn money while doing so. The catch here is your creativity. If you can create unique virtual spaces you can earn a substantial sum of money through the metaverse games.

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