Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Insurence Plan

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Insurence Plan, isn’t it an interesting question? September 8, the year 2022 became a memorial day due to ” the reign for her majesty the queen has come to an end”. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has become the most ruled king or queen in British history. She lived for long 96 years and ruled for over 70 years. As per the official announcement of her death, she passed away peacefully at Balmoral in the afternoon. Eventually, immediately after her death, her firstborn son becomes the king, as rightful heirs to the throne. Now King Charles III is the king of Great Britain. By making his Majesty’s first public announcement as the new king, he said the death of the Queen is great sorrow and a loss to him personally and for all the royal family. furthermore, he said that, during this period of mourning and change of things, the royal family and the king himself will be held by the support and the knowledge of the affection and respect held by the Queen.
You may wonder as a member of the Royal family, and as the most important person of the royal family, the former Queen, does she really need insurance for herself? What medical situation that she cannot handle, I mean economically, right? Yes, you thought right Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II didn’t have an insurance policy for herself, or any other members of the royal family also don’t have in that case. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had nearly 500 million dollars worth of assets as investments, lands, jewelry, and arts. As the British Monarchy, she was in control of over 88 billion dollars worth of properties and other assets. so you got the point.
Now the new king is ruling Great Britain, King Charles III, long may he reign.

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