Find Percentage of something

Find Percentage of something

Find the percentage of something is a simple process and we learn here about percentage and how to find the percentage of something we can divide into any pieces. despite using a percentage calculator, calculating percentage or any mathematical formula improve your thinking power and ability to find proper decision instantly. Using calculators and most of the easy gadgets has started killing people’s thinking power. This will make earth’s future very bad with the unthinkable robotic future generation. 

What is Percentage?

Percentage (%) is one way of showing fractions out of 100.
Ex 1- if we take a fraction 1/4 – Percentage = 25%
Ex 2 – if we take a fraction 2/8 – percentage = 25% Here two deferent numbers but gave the same percentage. Is it possible? How was that happens? It’s really simple if you can see the second example 2/8 = 1/4. So it gave the same number of percentage.

How to find the percentage of two numbers?

To find the percentage of 2 numbers is a fun, good, and simple mental exercise. With a very simple formula, we can find the percentage of any number. Let’s see how to do that with a simple example.
(X/Y)*100% is the simple formula
X = Numerator
Y = Denominator
If X = 6 , Y = 12 ,
Percentage = (6/12)*100% = (0.5)*100% = 50%

If X = 12 , Y 6 ,
Percentage = (12/6)*100% = (2)*100% = 200%
This is an easy method to calculate the percentage of two numbers

How to find Percentage of anything ?

To find the percentage of anything we need to bring that into numbers as finally we display it as a number.
Example – We have Pizza. We cut that into 8 pcs. out of 8 2 pcs with chicken and 3 pcs with Tomato.

Calculate the percentage of chicken pcs with all number of pcs
2 Chicken pcs, 8 total pcs
(2/8)*100% = (0.25)*100% = 25% , 25% of chicken pcs are there compare to all 8 pcs . Like this, you can calculate tomato pcs percentage to chicken or tomato pcs to total number of pcs .

Is it bad to use Calculators ?

This is a very good question. I’ll give you a simple answer to this. Calculator makes your things easier. Easier things make your brain less use. Reduce brain usage doesn’t mean you save your brain for future usage. Brain and knowledge improve with usage. When the calculator is necessary please use it. But try to do maths without a calculator for your good mental health.

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