Birthday with a Known Stranger

Birthday with known stranger

Jane sam and mum sitting at home one afternoon thinking 🤔 what to do for dad’s birthday hmmm one was saying to the other I wonder if we should go to the park said Jane to mum. Mum said that sounds quite nice but that would be for your birthday and not your dad’s so I guess not. Sam said mum I know we could go swimming but mum said that would be for you cos we all know you like swimming best it has to be something special from us to dad so after a few minutes mum said we will go for a drive in the new car but Jane said that’s not much fun cos dad gets car sick after a while so Sam shouted out I know well bake him a cake so they all agreed on that’s a great idea so lets all ready to go to the shop to pick a cake 🎂 for dad said mum so they all got into the car and off they went as they were on their way there was an old man crossing the road and for some reason, mum felt she knew him so she just stayed at him an carry on to the shops to buy the cake while in the shop she saw the man again so she decided to speak.

she asked do I know you the man said I don’t think so, so she ask about his family and he said he had none only one lost son you see I went off to war and left my son behind and when I came back he was no where to be found so she said that’s funny husband theses kids dad lost his dad but think he may of die in the was so she said his name and the old man started to cry then mum asked why are you crying the old man said that’s my name and after a little chat they found out he was the father of her son so she asked why don’t you come on over we are just buying a cake for your son and what a surprise it would be if he met his farther after all this time so the old man agreed that he would so that evening dad cam home and they all sat and ate the cake what a nice surprise dad said and mum and children said we have a much better surprise and dad said what could that be and no sooner the door bell rang it was the old man as he came in the house he started crying and dad also started crying knowing it was his farther then mum and the kids the house was full of tears of joy and happiness and dad was so over joyed he could hardly speak this is the bestie birthday I will ever have and everyone started to laugh…..

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